Can my program become accredited?


ADI accredits not-for-profit programs that train assistance dogs to ensure that they adhere to the highest standards in all aspects of their operations, including ethical treatment and training of dogs, ethical treatment of clients, and solid service dog training and follow-up.  Only the not-for-profit programs that have been accredited can be a member of ADI. 

ADI does not provide membership to individuals or for-profit organizations. 

IMPORTANT: To apply for the ADI accreditation process, programs must be an ADI Accredited member or Candidate program in good standing. Candidate programs must have been a Candidate for at least two (2) years and have placed at least 10 assistance dog teams to be eligible to apply for an ADI accreditation survey. Information about how to become a Candidate program can be found on the Candidates page

Members or Candidate programs that want to apply for accreditation or re-accreditation must first review ALL the ADI accreditation documents. Requests for the documents should be sent to [email protected]

4 golden retrievers and 1 yellow lab are sitting on a bench in a row. All dogs are wearing a blue assistance dog vest.