Complaint Policy

ADI Complaint Policy and Procedure


Members of Assistance Dog International (ADI) are expected to observe the ADI Standards.  It is a sound personal and business management principle that problems/disputes should most often be handled at the lowest level directly with the parties involved. It is expected that all ADI (accredited and candidate) members have an agency complaint/grievance policy and ADI encourages complainants to exercise this avenue when differences arise.  ADI will verify the existence of the complaint policy during the ADI Accreditation.

Programs must have a clear written policy that outlines to clients, volunteers and staff what they have to do in the event that they have a complaint.  There must be a clear and fair process for resolving problems and complaints.  The complaint process must include the option to have the matter reviewed by the board of directors if the matter cannot be resolved at a lower level in the program.  ADI has a model complaint resolution available on request.

Should a satisfactory resolution of a complaint not be reached within the mechanism provided by the ADI Accredited Member or Candidate program, the ADI Executive Director will receive a written complaint form and recommend to the ADI program that they make every attempt to resolve the situation.  ADI does not judge the merits or attempts to resolve a complaint.   ADI is concerned that the ADI Accredited member or Candidate program meets our ADI Standards and has a complaint policy and practices a procedure which offers the complainant an avenue of appeal up the chain of command to the board of directors of the program.  ADI does not have the investigative expertise or resources to mediate or resolve complaints.

The ADI Executive Director will send the complaint to the program and request a response from the program within one month.  A copy of the complaint and the program response will remain on file and it will be reviewed when the next ADI accreditation survey is conducted.

When complaints are received or problems arise concerning a potential candidate program prior to or during the application process, these issues must be addressed and explained by the program before a decision can be made.  Complaint on potential candidate applicants will remain on file for three years.

It should be noted that the above Assistance Dog International procedure is reserved for applicants/clients/graduates and volunteers.  This is not a system designed to settle labor disputes between employee and employer.  It is only specific to the ADI Standards.   ADI does not accept complaints regarding the decision of programs when accepting clients unless the complaint violates ADI Standards.

For information or to receive a complaint form contact:
Chris Diefenthaler, Executive Director
e-mail: [email protected]