Other Resource Organizations


Here are some websites that you may find useful:

A yellow Labrador Retriever wearing a blue assistance dog vest has its feet in the lap of a man in a wheelchair. The dog is licking the man's face. Resources for individuals interested in or with assistance dogs:

 American's with Disabilities Act Service Dog Information

 American Veteran's Affairs Guide and Service Dog Information

 European Disability Forum

 European Guide Dog Federation

 International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners

 International Guide Dog Federation



Resources for animal assisted interventions and therapy dogs:

 Animal Assisted Intervention International 

International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations

Pet Partners - Therapy Pets and Animal Assisted Activities 


Resources for ADI member organizations and individuals interested in dogs working in the legal system

Courthouse Dogs Foundation


Resources for assistance dog programs:

International Working Dog Registry


A black and white photo of a man wearing a military uniform bent down petting a golden retriever . The dog is looking at the man. It is wearing an assistance dog vest. Resources to find a professional dog trainer:

UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers

US Association of Pet Dog Trainers

International Association of Canine Professionals


United States Department of Veterans Affairs