Assistance Dogs International membership provides the opportunity to belong to a worldwide organization of assistance dog programs that share a mission of training and placing the highest quality of trained assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities to improve their quality of life. ADI facilitates the exchange of best practices, knowledge of industry trends, further education of its members and the public, and the opportunity to be involved in the development of the highest standards in the assistance dog industry. ADI offers support to new and existing assistance dog nonprofit programs that wish to improve their quality of operations

ADI membership is guided by the following four principles:

  1. Under no circumstances can a program be a member unless it has direct responsibility for the operational training and placing of assistance dogs and assures the long-term support of the clients and dogs.
  2. The overall ethics of the program must be “charitable” and must be stated by the program.
  3. Where several separate structures/entities work together, only the structure/entity as described sub 1 and 2 can apply for membership.
  4. Where several separate structures/entities work together, and do the same activities, the “charitable” entity applying for ADI membership, must be clearly differentiated from the “for profit” one(s), so no confusion between the different entities is possible. 

A small gray dog is holding a ball with string connected to a phone in its mouth.  It appears that the dog is bringing the phone to a new location. The dog is wearing a blue assistance dog vest.

Membership Types

Accredited Member

ADI Accredited Membership is available to nonprofit or charitable assistance dog programs that have successfully completed the ADI Accreditation Process.

ADI Accredited Members must be accredited by either ADI or the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF-for programs only training and placing guide dogs). In addition, in order to retain membership, Accredited Members must pay the agreed annual dues, complete required annual census and information documents, undertake re-accreditation when required and pay any required accreditation fees. Membership dues are paid to the International organization or to the regional chapter coordinator, where one exists in the agreed regional currency.  Membership dues are determined on a tier system based on the program’s previous year annual revenues.

Candidate Program 

Nonprofit assistance dog programs interested in joining ADI may do so as a Candidate program. Candidate programs are established nonprofit or charitable programs that are working towards achieving Accredited Member status.

All Candidates MUST adhere to all ADI Standards and pursue accreditation to achieve Accredited Member Status in ADI within five years.  Candidate programs pay annual dues, must submit the required annual census and information documents, and the accreditation fees when they are ready for the accreditation process.  Candidates may apply for the accreditation process after two years as a Candidate in good standing. 

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