Member Benefits

Accredited Membership benefits include:

  • An accreditation and evaluation process that ensures that all ADI Standards are implemented, maintained and current to the highest standards around the world.
  • Immediate credibility is awarded to our members due to the outstanding global reputation of ADI as the leader of the industry.
  • Ability to state they are meeting “ADI Standards,” which are the highest standards in the assistance dog industry.
  • Voting rights within the organization.
  • An invitation to attend all regional and international ADI Conferences to share best practices, education and facilitate information.
  • Opportunity to network and build relationships with staff and other programs that meet ADI Standards and share similar values and ethics.
  • Opportunity to submit nominations for leadership positions for regional and international board positions and participation in board committees.
  • Listing in the accredited members program search on ADI website for individuals seeking an assistance dog.
  • Access to the “Members Area” on the ADI website for access to confidential information and resources including detailed information on public access laws.
  • Placement of available employment opportunities on the ADI website.
  • Participation in Trainer’s Certification Program (currently under revision).
  • Receive the ADI ENewsletter
  • Networking with other accredited and candidate programs via closed Facebook Group Pages (Directors, Training Directors, Puppy Raiser Managers, IWDR Database Group, Communication and Marketing, etc.).
  • Opportunities to be involved with regional legislative advocacy to address issues and access laws related to the rights of individuals partnered with assistance dogs.Display ADI Accreditation Logo on their letterhead, website, marketing materials in strict coherence to the ADI Style Guide.
  • Display ADI Accreditation Logo on their letterhead, website, marketing materials in strict coherence to the ADI Style Guide.

Regional benefits include:6 people are all standing in a U shape smiling down at the camera. Each person is holding a puppy in their arms.

  • Participation in ADI partnered program with American Airlines Puppies in Flight Program. (ADI North America)
  • Opportunity to apply for the ADI ABC Breeding Cooperative Program. (ADI North America)

Additional benefits provided by outside sources:

  • Accredited member graduates fly with ease on many international airlines with appropriate documentation.
  • Accredited member graduate USA war veterans may apply and receive Dog of Record benefits from the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) for veterinary expenses.
  • Accredited member graduates have access to all United States VA facilities and military bases.
  • Ability to participate in CEN Working groups.
  • Ability to participate in regional groups such as Assistance Dogs UK and others.