Candidate Application Process

Application Process

Step One - Upon receipt of a completed Candidate Application Packet, ADI reviews all information included in the packet to determine if the program meets the Four Guiding Principles.

Step Two - The Candidate Application is then forwarded to the Regional Chapter Candidate Review Committee (CRC), who will assign a committee member to conduct a phone interview with the executive director or equivalent. The CRC committee member may request additional interviews with others within the program and additional information as needed. 

Step Three - Once the interview is complete, the committee member submits a written report to the CRC Committee for review at their next scheduled meeting. The CRC Committee may also request additional information before making their recommendation.

Step Four - The CRC Committee makes a recommendation to the Regional Chapter Board of Directors for approval or denial at their regularly scheduled meeting.

Step Five – The Regional Chapter Board of Directors approves or denies the candidate application. 

Programs will be notified of the outcome within 6 months of the completed application being received at the ADI office. 

If a program has been denied for candidacy, they may reapply after one year.  Detail on the improvements made must be detailed with the application.

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For more information about becoming a candidate program and the application documents, please visit the Candidate Program page

For more detailed information, please contact:

Chris Diefenthaler, Executive Director.

[email protected]

In Europe, please contact:

Steph Atkin, ADEu Development Coordinator

[email protected]