About Us

Members of ADI meet regularly to share ideas and conduct business regarding educating the public about assistance dogs, advocating for the legal rights of people with disabilities partnered with assistance dogs, and the setting of standards and establishing guidelines and ethics for the training of these dogs.

The objectives of Assistance Dogs International are to:

  • Establish and promote standards of excellence in all areas of assistance dog acquisition, training and partnership
  • Facilitate communication and learning among member organizations
  • Educate the public about the benefits of assistance dogs and ADI membership 

ADI Board

The ADI Board is made of up nominated representatives of the regional boards with additional elected members. Find out who the Board members are.

Regional Chapters

ADI is divided into a number of regional chapters across the world. ADI Member programs are automatically in a regional chapter assuming that there is one in their part of the world. Find out more about what the regional chapters are doing.

Programs search

ADI has member programs from across the world. Find out where the programs are located.
If you would like to apply for an assistance dog, please use the programs search to find an assistance dog program in your area.