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Assistance Dogs International European Chapter is Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu).  ADEu is dedicated to supporting the work of assistance dog programs across Europe.

ADEu and ADI joined together in 2007.

ADEu has Accredited Members and Candidate programs in 17 countries in Europe.

ADEu Annual General Membership Meeting


Dear ADEu Members and Candidate Programs:
Please find the links below to register for the ADEu Annual General Meeting, the agenda and board reports for:
Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu)
Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
1400 (GMT) 1500 (CET UTC+1)
Preregistration is required to attend the meeting.
Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email containing the link for the meeting. If you do not see the confirmation link in your inbox, please check your spam folder. The link above is only for the registration.
All ADEu Accredited Members are invited to participate and ADEu Candidate Programs are invited to observe. 
A member entitled to attend and vote at the General Meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote in his/her stead. The ADEu Proxy form can be located HERE and in the Resource Center in the ADI Members Area of the ADI website. The proxy form must be sent via email to [email protected] by November 20th.
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Annual Report of the Board
  • 2019 AGM Minutes


ADEu was formed in 2000 following a meeting in The Netherlands of assistance dog representatives from groups across Europe.  In 2007, ADI and ADEu joined together. 

Click on the link for a full ADEu history.  

CEN Technical Committee 452 - Assistance Dogs

Many ADEu programs are active in the CEN Technical Committee (TC) 452 that is looking to create European standards covering all aspects of assistance dogs' welfare and training.  This project is being managed by HZN - the National Standards Agency of Croatia.  It is anticipated that the work will be completed during early 2023.  For more information about this work, please contact Peter Gorbing at [email protected].  

Public Access Issues

As part of an ongoing campaign, ADEu is keen to hear of any clients from ADI member organisations that have been refused access with their assistance dogs.  This will help us to build up a good picture of the scale of the problem in Europe and allow ADEu to lobby for better access rights across the whole of the continent.  If you are refused access, please report the nature of the refusal to Mark van Gelder at [email protected].  

If you have an assistance dog from an ADEu or ADI member and have any questions about access laws in Europe, please contact Mark van Gelder at [email protected]


ADEu is currently collaborating with the following organisations:

Pfotenpiloten (Germany) - working with ADEu members to develop assistance dog training/instructor competencies.  The project team are currently seeking grants to further this work over the next few years.

European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF) - a consumer-led organisation supporting the rights of guide dog and assistance dog owners across Europe.

Click here for a list of ADEu Accredited Members.

Click here for a list of ADEu Candidate Programs.

ADEu Regional Chapter Board


Danny Vancoppernolle, DYADIS, Belgium, Chairman
[email protected]

Anki Celander, Svenska Service och Signalhundsförbundet, Sweden, Secretary
[email protected]

Peter Gorbing, Dogs for Good, UK, Treasurer
[email protected]

Teo Mariscal, Fundación Bocalán del Perro de Ayuda Social, Spain
[email protected] 

Mark van Gelder, Canisha vzw, Belgium
[email protected] 

Claire Guest, Medical Detection Dogs, UK
[email protected]

Dusan Pospichal, Helppes - Centre for Assistance Dogs, Czech Republic
[email protected]

Contact ADEu

Steph Atkin
ADEu Development Coordinator
[email protected]