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Assistance Dogs Europe is dedicated to supporting the work of assistance dog programmes across Europe. ADEu is a chapter of Assistance Dogs International (ADI). In the past ADEu encompassed the work of Animal Assistance Intervention. A new umbrella for AAI has been launched in 2013. If you are considering setting up an assistance dog programme, or your organisation would like to join ADEu, then contact our coordinator who will be able to help you. If you think you can help us in any other way, please do let us know.

Danny Vancoppernolle
President of Assistance Dogs Europe


ADEu’s first initiatives started in 2000 after a group of assistance dog programmes met in the Netherlands. ADEu joined with ADI in 2007 and is now the European Chapter of ADI. Click here for more information.

ADEu Board

  • Danny Vancoppernolle, DYADIS, Belgium, President
  • Anki Celander, Svenska Service och Signalhundsförbundet, Sweden, Secretary
  • Peter Gorbing, Dogs for Good, UK, Treasurer
  • Teo Mariscal, Fundación Bocalán del Perro de Ayuda Social, Spain
  • Mark van Gelder, Hachiko vzw, Belgium
  • Claire Guest, Medical Detection Dogs, UK
  • Pierre Margot-Cottin, Le Copain, Switzerland

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