New Standards for Service Dogs for Veterans with Military-Related PTSD

Assistance Dogs international (ADI), a coalition of worldwide programs that train Assistance Dogs including Guide Dogs, Service Dogs and Hearing Dogs, has adopted the first international standards for programs that provide Service Dogs to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

ADI is the industry leader in setting standards for assistance dog providers and has over twenty years of experience accrediting nonprofit organizations that train and place assistance dogs. Organizations must undergo rigorous scrutiny and demonstrate high standards and ethics in all aspects of their operation in order to be accredited by ADI.

ADI conducted extensive study and solicited input from its member organizations, veterans, and PTSD experts over a period of two years. ADI believes that these standards reflect best practices in the training and placement of service dogs assisting veterans with military-related PTSD.

Standards for the Training and Placement of Service Dogs for Veterans with Military-Related PTSD highlight ADI’s dedication to its mission of promoting standards of excellence in assistance dog acquisition, training, and team partnerships.

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