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2 Programs in Asia

Japan Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

  • Moto Arima PhD
  • 3200 Miyada
  • Kamiina
  • Nagano 399-4301
  • Country: Japan
  • Status:Accredited member
  • Assistance Dogs Trained:Hearing, Service
  • Other Information:
    Social, Therapy Dogs. Will consider use of person's own dog.
  • Geographical Area Served:Japan

Taiwan Guide Dog Association

  • William Chen
  • 1F
  • No. 160
  • Zhiyuan 3rd Rd
  • Beitou District 11265
  • Taipei
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Status:Accredited member
  • Assistance Dogs Trained:Guide
  • Other Information:
    No other information
  • Geographical Area Served:Taiwan

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