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History of ADEu

For details see reports of business meetings on the members only site

First get together of 13 programmes from 7 European countries in Groesbeek, the Netherlands, hosted by Stichting Soho (since 2001 Hulphond Nederland) Workshops with Bonnie Bergin of the Assistance Dog Institute, California(since 2004 Bergin University of Canine Studies)

Second Conference in Grône, Switzerland, hosted by Association Le Copain with delegates of 24 programmes of 11 European countries

Pet Night 2001, 03 October 2001, Strasbourg, France – Cooperation with Fédération Européenne de la Santé Animale (FEDESA, European Federation of Animal Health).

Third Conference in Paris, France, hosted by ANECAH with delegates of 24 programmes of 13 European countries

First draft of ADEu Statutes

First draft of ADEU Standards derived from the ADI standards

Website launched:

2nd Pet Night, 1st of October 2002, Brussels, cooperation with FEDESA

Fourth ADEu Conference in Berlin, Germany, hosted by Tierische Leistung and Hunde für Handicaps with delegates of 28 programmes of 13 countries

ADDEU logo has been launched

Fifth ADEu Conference in Westende, Belgium, hosted by Hachiko with delegates of 30 programmes of 15 countries

Formal approval of Accreditation Procedure

Sixth ADEu Conference in Salzburg, Austria, hosted by Partner-Hunde Österreich with delegates of 35 programmes of 19 countries

October 2005 – Five European Programmes passed ADI accreditation

Seventh ADEu Conference in Malmö, Sweden, hosted by Svenska Service och Signalhundförbundet with delegates of 31 programmes of 17 countries

First European assessors appointed and trained

First European Newsletter site launched

30th of January ADEu regional chapter of ADI

Eighth ADEu Conference in Bad Nauheim, Germany, hosted by VITA eV with delegates of 45 programmes of 21 countries worldwide

October 2007 – First Accreditation of a European Programme 21st November 2007 Third Pet Night, Brussels; cooperation with International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH). Official contact with European Guide Dog Forum (EGDF)

20th ADI Conference in London, UK, hosted by The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association with 450 delegates taking part

October 2008 – ADEu Trainers Workshop: “Multi-species ADEu training camp”, in Elce, Spain

Ninth ADEu Conference in Umag, Croatia, hosted by Croatian Guide Dog and Mobility Association with delegates of 30 programmes of 18 countries

May 2009 – ADEu Trainers Workshop: “It’s all about locomotion” in theNetherlands

July 2009 – European Access Legislation on ADEu website, cards available in 16 European languages to explain the meaning of an assistance dog

26th -27th of October 2009 – Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) Task Force

21st ADI Conference in Toronto, Canada, hosted by Dog Guides Canada with delegates of 37 programmes of 8 countries

24th of February 2010 Fourth Pet Night, Brussels, in cooperation with IFAH

May 2010 – ADEu Trainers Workshop: “Epilepsy and Seizure dogs”, in Gent, Belgium

Tenth ADEu Conference in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands, hosted by the Dutch Programmes with delegates of 29 programmes of 14 countries

2nd of February 2011, Fourth Pet Night, Brussels; cooperation with IFAH

Start of Unification of ADI-ADEu Accreditation Standards and Procedure

23rd of January 2012, ADEu Statutes filed in theNetherlands

22nd ADI Conference in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by ASKAL, Fundación Bocálan and AdAS with delegates of 57 programmes of 18 countries worldwide

Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII) presented and received with great enthusiasm by the members

29th of February 2012, Fifth Pet Night,Brussels; cooperation with IFAH

Official exchange of officers between ADEu and European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF)

October 2012 – New ADI website launched

11th ADEu Conference in Belgium, hosted by the Walloon Programmes

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