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ADI Conference 2018 – materials from Monday, August 20th

Keynote Presentation

Sharing Your Mission Powerfully to Raise More Money
Lori L. Jacobwith, Ignite Fundraising

Click below to listen to the audio:

Morning breakout sessions

Best Practices Utilizing Prison Dog Training Programs (Panel)

Click below to listen to the audio:

Jill VerLee – ADI Presentation Mike Hanna

Lacy Gillotti – ADI Prison Program

Culture of Collaboration-ABC Breeding Cooperative (Panel)

A Culture of Collaboration

ADINA Breeder Cooperative – Lisa Shaffer

Leadership Succession Planning (Panel)

Jenny BrodKorb – Succession Planning Models

Practical Guidelines for Genetically Improving Health and Behavior Traits

Jane Russenberger – Practical guidelines for genetically improving health & behavior traits

Genetically improving health and behaviour traits – click below to listen to the audio:

Reducing Reactivity

Morgan Karol – Reducing Reactivity

Morgan Karol – Reactivity Foundation 1

Morgan Karol – Reactivity Foundation 2

General session

Service Dog Identification: It’s a Global Issue

Service Dog Identification (panel) – Click below to listen to the audio:

Afternoon breakout sessions

Donor Center Fundraising

Heather Christopherson – Donor-Centered Tips & Tricks for Small Shops

Behavior Checklist (BCL)—Assess Maturing Dogs

Jane Russenberger – Use of the BCL to assess behavior at Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Behavior Checklist (BCL) – Click below to listen to the audio:

Click on the links below to view the videos:

Arousal unproductive
Change in energy
Match different pups
Russ IFT test
Russ puppy test
Russ puppy raising
Russ training
PT old support
PT new less support

The Working Dog Project: The Behavioral Genetics of Success and Failure in Working Dogs

Click below to listen to the audio:

Genetic Improvement is Possible Through Selective Breeding

Click below to listen to the audio:

Eldin Leighton – Genetic improvement is possible through selective breeding