San Francisco, CA, USA – First meeting of hearing dog programs, called the Hearing Dog Symposium. This meeting sponsored by the American Humane Society and hosted by San Francisco Hearing Dog Program. There were 21 hearing dog programs represented.

Boston, MA, USA – Second Hearing Dog Symposium. Goal to establish a national hearing dog association that would implement standards and guidelines. It was decided at this point that the organisation was only for hearing dog programs and would be called Assistance Dogs international. It was agreed to develop By-laws incorporating the organisation.

Denver, CA, USA – The name Assistance Dogs international was formally adopted as the name of the group. Main discussion centred around collars and leashes. Finally decided to use an orange leash and collar with a yellow stripe sewn on it and ‘hearing dog’ embroidered in black letters. It was agreed to embrace all assistance dogs.

Santa Rosa, CA, USA – ADI incorporated in the state of Oregon. It was decided to affiliate with the Delta Society and hold joint meetings.

Parsippani, NJ, USA – First conference held in conjunction with the Delta Society.

Montreal, Canada – ADI logo and brochure completed. Standards and ethics for member training centers were agreed. 501 (c)(6) status approved. Discussions about forming an Ethics Committee.

Las Vega, NV, USA – Public Access Test for assistance dogs agreed.

Vancouver, Canada – First serious discussions about changing the structure of ADI to make it truly international. Agreed to formally approach Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu) to discuss joining together.

San Diego, CA, USA – Work on new ADI By-laws in preparation for internationalisation of ADI. Members agreed to make it compulsory for members to be accredited by 2010. Agreed that non-accredited members to be called candidates.

Baltimore, USA – Members agreed to bring ADI and ADEu together to create a new organisation – reflected in the amended Bylaws. The new structure included the provision for setting up regional chapters and electing a board that was representative of the international membership. ADEu and ADINA established as formal regional Chapters of ADI. Agreed that international conferences would be held every two years after 2008.

London, UK – First ADI conference to be held outside of North America. Back-to-back conference with the International Guide Dog federation (IGDF) with 450 delegates talking part.

ADI announces a three-year partnership with Eukanuba

Toronto, Canada – members agreed some minor changes to the By-laws including the capacity for email votes provided there has been a process of consultation.

New membership structure starts from 1st January. Only accredited programs can be members of ADI. All other programs are Candidates.

Barcelona, Spain – First ADI Conference to be held in a non-English speaking country. ANZAD set up as a formal Chapter of ADI.